Flood Sentry

We are very excited to share with you a potentially game-changing product in the home protection industry called Flood Sentry – designed by our own John Chevalier of SECURITY 2000! Flood Sentry connects to your existing security system and enables it to detect a water leak, instantly shut off the water supply, release the pressure and drain the water in your pipes safely to the outside. By immediately draining the water out of your home plumbing system once a leak is detected, what used to be an event causing major flood damage can now be greatly minimized and in some cases eliminated entirely!
John’s patented invention is part of a package of small wireless flood sensors, a special 3-way valve and a control circuit that interfaces with your security system. Many of you already have our wireless water sensors to detect pipe leaks with automatic reporting to our central monitoring station, which provides 24-hour notification to you of a potential leak. While effective, the process still requires someone to quickly shut off the water supply in order to avert catastrophic flood damage to your home. But what happens if no one is home? Or someone is home but doesn’t know where your water shutoff valve is located? And what about all of the water still in your system even after the water supply is stopped, continuing to push dozens of gallons of pressurized water through the leak until the pipes are empty? There has been no automated method to effectively deal with these issues – until John invented Flood Sentry.
Flood Sentry is the next and final step in turning your existing security system into a complete flood detection and prevention system. Upon detection, Flood Sentry automatically shuts off the water supply, releases the pressure in the pipes and safely drains the water to the outside. Without that final step, the pressure from the remaining water in your system will continue to flood your home and cause additional damage.
Flood Sentry can greatly reduce the impact of any water leak in your home, preventing a minor leak from becoming a major one and potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention the family disruption caused by a major flood. The problem is real, and it’s widespread – especially in Orange County where water treatment additives accelerate copper pipe erosion. For a limited time, John is making Flood Sentry available to existing clients at a discounted price before the product is introduced to the general public. Don’t wait until you’ve been victimized by catastrophic flood loss. Ask John how you can get Flood Sentry added to your existing home protection system.