I can’t find my instruction manual. How can I get a new one?

Our Website has many manuals available for free download in PDF format. Please refer to our Tech Support page.

I have a yellow trouble light or triangle icon lit on my keypad.  What does it mean?

A yellow light or triangle icon on your keypad indicates that there is trouble with your system. It can either be a weak system battery, a phone line problem, loss of power or some fault in the system or one of its components.  Pressing *2 on your keypad will give you more specific information about the problem. Refer to your manual or call our tech support for more help. Note: the yellow light normally does not prevent you from otherwise using your alarm.


How do I test my system and how often should I do it?

First, call our Central Station at 1-800-634-3915 and tell the dispatcher you want to test your system. You will need to give them your password. Then press and hold for 2 seconds the panic button on your keypad or remote. You should hear the siren sound (unless the panic was programmed to be silent).  After a few seconds, turn off the alarm by entering your code, and then call the Central Station and ask them if they received the signals from your alarm.

When there is a power failure, my security system stops working, works erratically or the keypad displays gibberish.  What does that mean and do I need service?

This condition usually indicates a bad system backup battery. You should call for service to have the battery replaced.

My security / fire alarm system hasn’t been serviced in over 5 years. Does it need regular service and if so, how often?

The only required  maintenance for a hardwired security system is replacement of the system backup battery, which is needed every 3-4 years.  If you have wireless components, they have internal lithium batteries that should be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on use.  Smoke and CO detectors have a fixed lifespan and must be replaced after  7 years, as they are no longer reliable.

How do I check my central station password, phone number(s) and contact information?

How can I update my account information?

Call our business office at 949-831-7233 and we can help you verify information and update your password and contact list.

What do I do if I have a false alarm?

If you are home when it happens, first, shut off the alarm by entering your code on the keypad or pressing the disarm button on your remote. Next, call the Central Station at 1-800-634-3915 and tell them you are having a false alarm. Give them your password and tell them it’s a false alarm.

What if I have trouble entering my code to disarm the alarm?

Press each button carefully when entering your code, listening for a confirmation beep or click with each button press. If your alarm does not disarm, be sure to press the “Clear” button on Morse systems or the # button on DSC systems to clear the bad code entry before trying to re-enter the code.  If you have repeated trouble or if you do not hear the confirmation beeps when you press keypad buttons, then you may need service to replace a worn out or malfunctioning keypad.

I’m considering discontinuing my telephone landline and/or switching to a VOIP internet phone service like Magic Jack. Ooma or ATT Uverse.  How does this affect my alarm system and what options do I have?

If you are considering dropping your land-line, call us first for important information on how this could affect your alarm.  Normally, most systems communicate digital signals  to the Central Station through your telephone line. If dropping your land-line completely, then a radio or internet communicator must be installed to replace the lost land-line. If switching to a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service, be aware that some will work with alarm systems and others will not. Verify with the VOIP service provider if the equipment is compatible with alarm system communication and insist that they send a technician who has been trained to connect alarms to their network.  Be sure to test the communication BEFORE the VOIP installer leaves to ensure that it is connected properly to the alarm and the signals are transmitted successfully.

How can I get information about an alarm that occurred while I was away?

There are several ways: You can call the Central Station at 1-800-634-3915, give them your password and ask them to tell you what activity occurred while you were away.  Or you can call our business office at 1-949-831-7233 and we’ll be happy to help you.  On DSC systems, you can press *3 on the keypad and the display will tell you what happened.  Consult your user manual for more info on this feature.

What should I do if I’m going on vacation?

If you will be away for an extended period,  call our office and let us know of any  temporary instructions or contact changes you’d like to make while you’re gone and how or if we can reach you in an emergency.  It’s a good idea to leave a key with a trusted friend or family member who can call for service or gain access in an emergency.

I have had my system for several years or more. Are there improvements in technology or new products and services available?

Yes. Technology is rapidly changing in the security world to include flood/water leak detection and prevention, smart-home automation and lighting control, electronic access control and video surveillance on demand via cellphone or computer.  Wireless advances now allow micro detectors to be installed where wiring would otherwise be impossible .  Call us for more information on what’s new and how it could enhance your safety, convenience and enjoyment of your home.